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Connecting and "Contented" Economy

Mediachain is a huge multi-platform specially created for content creators, social media influencers and their communities to monetize earnings in the crypto-virtual and real world.

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150,000,000 MC

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34,525,428 MC

total mined

21,753,493 MC

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1 MC equals


% growth from start


Nov '21Nov '2120222022Mar '22Mar '22May '22May '22Aug '22Aug '22Oct '22Oct '22Dec '22Dec '221.991.380.760.15

Unifying media platform

We strive to create an ecosystem that will unite the crypto-virtual and real world. A system that will change the scenario of the current business model for online content, making it more efficient, cost-effective and fair for both media content representatives and consumers of media content.

Our goal is to create the first true “contented” economy, an ecosystem where everyone is rewarded for their positive contributions to the network.

your content / your freedom / your power

Tokenomics MEDIACOIN

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